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Product quality is the foundation

Product quality is the foundation for the profit of the source, the soul of the brand, companies need long-term adherence is an important strategy. by Weihua.Noted that, according to the Bureau of Hunan Province recently announced a circulation of goods quality monitoring communications revealed that 13 were shoes on the “Hei Bang,” including red dragonfly, Marsh Q, Saturday, Daphne, wealth birds number of domestic and international famous brands onto the list., affect the life wearing shoes, which led directly to the quality problems, not only damage the vital interests of consumers, but also undermines the brand of social reputation.

China’s footwear with a price advantage in the popular domestic and international markets, even so, simply use the price advantage to seize the market, it is impossible to achieve long-term sustainability of the shoe. Only quality shoe first, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the quality of ideas put into production and operations, and other work to improve the regulatory and supervisory system to produce excellent quality products quality in order to foster consumer person’s satisfaction and loyalty, increasing market share, expand areas of market growth.

In the economy, the rapid development of science and technology today, improve product quality is the objective requirements of the development of commodity markets, any business should deeply understand the importance of improving product quality. It is understood that the highest concentration of these shoes issue is related mechanical properties of the project, however, specific performance is the folding properties Polyester satin ribbon of the main failure, followed by the hook bending rigidity of heart failure.

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