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Why Wool is better than Cotton?

Blend Textures and Fabrics:
There is a right and wrong way to be dressed in black clothes. For instance, when coupling a black shirt with black trousers, the black shirt might have a purple cast while your black trousers have a brown cast.Polyester satin ribbon If you are fond of Black then having some basic idea about the way different materials retain black dye as well as which fabrics and textures appear fine together, would be really useful. Therefore, while buying black trousers, sweaters and suits, sticking to wool would be a better option.

Why Wool is better than Cotton?
Compared to cottons, wools generally have a darker shade of black as they hold dye better. It could be worn to funerals, weddings, and for all formal occasions. Dressing in this way will show that you have put some effort into your outfit and moreover your dress would appear less like a uniform. As with any ensemble, it’s essential to blend different textures and fabrics.

Caring for Your Black Garments
Dry clean your clothes in case they are black or any dark color, as dry cleaning will retain the color from fading soon. Making use of a cup of vinegar while washing new black or dark color cotton fabric at home would help in setting the dye.

Cotton: Caution
Cottons fade rather quickly hence buying black cotton shirts that have a touch of Lycra in them would be a better option as the synthetic fiber helps cotton retain the dye better. Another alternative would be buying mercerized cotton shirts as the blacks are deeper and richer than other cottons. It�s advisable to use cold water with your dark items. But there are certain things that have to be considered while wearing Black

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